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Animal Crossing: Wild World
custom made figurine/jewelry shop is open & taking orders! 
16th-Jan-2010 04:31 pm
Valentines day is approaching, would someone you love like to have a custom made figurine?
or maybe you just want to get one for yourself, you don't need a specific reason for uber awesomeness!

my figurine/jewelry shop is officially ~!open!~

I also do tentacle jewelry [necklaces/earrings]

based off this person's own character design ;

comment, send me a PM to request a figurine/jewelry & I will let you know the prices depending on what you desire!

it does not have to be a video game character, any idea you have that you'd want, let me know!
also if you'd like real Swarovski eyes/accents on the animal, do let me know, I have a wide variety of colours
[see above, black Swarovski gems featured on the blue crab]

I have made so many & have sold my figurines all around the globe , even wedding cake toppers :]

see feedback here: my etsy

thanks for looking, have a wonderful day!

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