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Animal Crossing: Wild World
ACWW NDS friendship plea ;) 
20th-Oct-2009 02:10 pm
pen paper
Hello there,

I would be very glad to make some friends for ACWW for the Nintendo DS to exchange some fruit and items!
Oh, it seems like I am like 5 years behind everyone else and now only a few people are playing this game!
I can offer: Peaches, some cherries and a lot of coconuts!

Please ad me and let know if you did so.

Name: Luisa
Town name: Barbaria
FC: 4297-2591-6036

See you!
1st-Dec-2010 12:03 pm (UTC)
my friend code is 1463-2954-1504 Town : Turtle Name: Jess
Please add me and you can come to my Town my gate is open now : )
if you want to come please message me back :) see you laters :) xx
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