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Animal Crossing: Wild World
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14th-Nov-2011 06:15 pm - New AC 3DS game?
Was looking around LJ for some active Animal Crossing communities talking about the upcoming 3DS game, but it seems like they're all dead.

So I've created a new community specifically for the next game!

The Animal Crossing 3DS Community

News updates
Wi-Fi Events
Meet other players
Trade items
and much more!
3rd-May-2011 12:52 am - It Really Is...A Wild World 1/2
 PART 1 of my ACWW fic.

It's humor guys don't take it seriously

6th-May-2010 02:32 am - need new friends~
who plays mostly at night?

usually 10pm-3am Eastern Time zone.

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lets play!
what's your FC?
27th-Apr-2010 12:51 am - boreddddd
someone open their gates!!

or i can open mine.
25th-Jan-2010 10:59 pm(no subject)
anyone still use this and would like to swap friend codes? its just that the last few posts are a little old so im hoping to find someone to visit my town and somewhere i can visit!! comment please :)
Valentines day is approaching, would someone you love like to have a custom made figurine?
or maybe you just want to get one for yourself, you don't need a specific reason for uber awesomeness!

my figurine/jewelry shop is officially ~!open!~

much more goodies this a-way!~~Collapse )

x-posted elsewhere
25th-Oct-2009 08:32 pm(no subject)
eureka <3
x08 Animal Crossing icons

comment & credit are love!
( get them HERE! )
20th-Oct-2009 02:10 pm - ACWW NDS friendship plea ;)
pen paper
Hello there,

I would be very glad to make some friends for ACWW for the Nintendo DS to exchange some fruit and items!
Oh, it seems like I am like 5 years behind everyone else and now only a few people are playing this game!
I can offer: Peaches, some cherries and a lot of coconuts!

Please ad me and let know if you did so.

Name: Luisa
Town name: Barbaria
FC: 4297-2591-6036

See you!
24th-Sep-2009 01:00 pm - Okeda Arrives
Island Kirby
Hello All,
I just recently started college and decided to open my ACWW town back up as well. Most of the time I have my town open I'll be studying but during my study breaks I'll try to wander around and see if anyone needs anything specific. Anyway if anyone is interested in visiting Okeda just leave your Town/Name/FC and I'll record you my info is on my Icon. Looking foward to seeing everyone online and to visiting everyones towns :)


Okeda's Rules!
> No running ever!
> Don't chop down trees.
> Don't dig random holes
> Don't pick mass amounts of fruit.
> Don't water any flower that have kirby by them with a gold can.
> Don't steal flowers.
> Don't talk to any animals that are preparing to move.
> Don't replace any patterns in the clothing store

Feel Free To:
> Sign Message board
> Keep any clothing, furniture, fossils, bugs, and/or fish that you find.
> Talk to townies not planning to move.
> Buy things from the store
> Take patterns from the clothing store
> Plant flowers/Water Flowers.


1st-Aug-2009 10:20 pm - I need friends!
Art - The Persistence Of Memory
I've just realised I need to have someone from another town come and buy something from Nookway in order for Tom Nook to upgrade to Nookington's. So please come and visit my town!

I'm also looking for anything from the Lovely, Exotic, Kiddie, Robo or Citrus/Fruit sets. I am willing to pay up to 4000 bells for each item.

Do: Pick fruit, teach my neighbours rude words, write them offensive letters, fish, catch bugs.
Don't: Cut down my trees, leave things laying around.
Name: Anji
Town: Utopia
Code: 2321-4605-8041

I'm opening my town now and will leave it open for the next twelve hours. However, I may be away from the DS in an hour or so because, well, it's bedtime.

Please add your code here if you add me, so that I can add you back!

Cheers everyone!
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